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May 17, 2011
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Women of War by Phil Valentine

Female combat soldiers are a relatively new concept in the American Military and although our wives, sisters and daughters are ready and willing to fight for their country, is the military prepared to accept them? Can women fight alongside their male counterparts without the fear that the enemy may be closer than they think?

According to the latest Pentagon survey, with data compiled by the Defense Manpower Data Center from a survey of 24,000 people, one-third of women in the military said they were sexually harassed (a number 500% higher than their male counterparts).

Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, sexual assaults in the military jumped nearly 40% by 2005 and another 24% on top of that in 2006.

In 2010, nearly 2,700 sexual assaults were reported by people in uniform. But the looming question remains, how many were not reported? Most sexual assaults in the military are NOT reported, so how many women in our military are being sexually harassed, assaulted and/or traumatized, and more importantly, what is the military doing to protect them?

According to the Pentagon’s own recent surveys, less than 20% of assaults are reported, and only 15% of those reported are prosecuted, and not all of those prosecutions saw punishment. That means only about 1% of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) perpetrators will ever pay for their assault!

“Women of War” is a sometime tender, sometimes brutal look at the pride and pain that America’s female fighting force encounters when they choose to defend our freedom in today’s military. They’re defending us… who's defending them? See the trailer at www.womenofwardocumentary.com.

Produced by the filmmakers of the 2009 award winning documentary “Who Will Stand.”

Click here to make a donation for "Women of War."


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