The Details

How will Challenge America™ execute the C.A.M.O. initiative in communities across the country?

  • Cities will be chosen in areas with high veteran populations to host the initiative launch event for implementation of the C.A.M.O. model in their respective communities. Challenge America headquarters will research organizations, community leaders, military and their families to ensure that the area has sufficient connections to develop the C.A.M.O. model.
  • In each selected community, a C.A.M.O. Ambassador with an understanding of challenges faced by military members and their families will be recruited and trained to organize, encourage, promote and solidify the connections between existing governmental, private and nonprofit organizations; volunteers, and the military members of the community.
  • The C.A.M.O. initiative will be launched in the host city with an event that includes a concert, symposium, community connections and national awareness. The first such event will be hosted in Dallas, Texas.
  • After the launch event, headquarters will provide logistical and strategic support to the Ambassadors for connecting the community through personal meetings, monthly events, useful seminars, social media, and related activities. The goal will be learning how to bridge the gap between those in need and those who are providing the services.
  • Social media specific to each geographical area will be set up by headquarters and updated by the Ambassadors, ensuring quick and effective sharing of information at the community level.
  • A smart phone application, using geo-locating technology (geographically-specific technology), will provide additional access to resources for military members and their families. For example, C.A.M.O.: Dallas will link resources in the Dallas area and beyond via smart phones or tablet applications.
  • Each C.A.M.O. region will continue to grow, bridging the gap in their communities by connecting and engaging with one another.


Top 10 Reasons for Local Organizations to Be Part of the Community-based C.A.M.O. Initiative

  • Share funding opportunities.
  • Reach a wider audience.
  • Forge new partnerships within the community.
  • Build awareness.
  • Gain strength in numbers.
  • Benefit from the experiences of others.
  • Become part of the National C.A.M.O. Initiative Team.
  • Increase feedback potential from participants/members.
  • Be recognized as an innovator.
  • Think nationally, act locally for military and their families.
Now is the time. The challenges are great. The possibilities are greater. Accept the challenge.

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