What is Challenge America?

Challenge America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that connects service members, veterans and their families to resources in their local communities. We do this by allowing you to donate directly to individuals and/or the organizations that serve them. We do this as well by provide organizational support to veteran-related nonprofit organizations across the country. We also work with our nonprofit partners to develop programs that meet the most critical needs of veterans and military families.

How Did Challenge America Start?

Challenge America™ started in 2008 when research revealed a lack of coordination of resources and information between programs for military across the country, making it difficult for warriors, especially those who have been wounded, and their families to locate the services needed for a successful transition from battlefield to home front.  Recognizing the gap and the need for coordination on a national level, the idea of “challenging America” to find ways to connect military with the resources needed to establish a “new normal” life was born.

What is a Challenge America Partner?

Challenge America works with entrepreneurs seeking to launch a veteran-related nonprofit in their community as well as established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to serving veterans and/or military families. We call these organizations our partners. Our partners help individuals and families launch fundraising campaigns, use these funds to acquire the critical items or services needed, and take responsibility for verifying these purchases through our online accounting systems. They also connect their clients to other resources they need to live a dignified life.

Is Challenge America Free For Partners?

Yes! We do not charge our partner organizations to use our fundraising services, nor is there any charge to access our online training tools and basic support services. We pay our expenses by asking donors for a tip and through the generosity of individual, foundation, and corporate sponsors.

What Is Challenge America Academy?

Challenge America Academy offers online courses in veteran services and nonprofit management for all Challenge America partners. All lessons are created by academics and respected nonprofit managers.

Does Challenge America Offer Any Other Partner Benefits?

Yes! Challenge America offers support for website development, networking opportunities, and a multitude of other services. Interested in learning more? Email us at info@challengeamerica.com

How Do I Become A Partner?

To start the partnership application process, please complete our online application.


How Does My Donation Reach the Individual or Organization Requested?

Donations disperse directly to our nonprofit partners on a monthly basis. Our partners use these funds to acquire the items or services the individual requested. The staff in our partner organizations is required to document every purchase through our internal accounting systems, allowing us to account for every cent of your donation.

Are Challenge America Donations Tax Deductible?

All donations made to or through Challenge America are tax deductible. Shortly after your donation, you will receive an email receipt documenting your contribution.