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It's time to shake things up...

Injured veterans just want to get on with their lives. For many, getting on with life includes doing the things they enjoyed before their injuries: they want to dance and surf and play music and travel. Unfortunately, their injuries can often get in the way. For example, a veteran with a severe arm injury might find it too difficult to play the piano or strum his guitar. Far too often, there are no tools to help these heroes get back to the activities they love and give their lives meaning.

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Cue the revolution

We can do better. 

Challenge America has partnered with the Israeli nonprofit, ReStart, to lead the first U.S. delegation of injured soldiers to the Makers For Heroes program in Tel Aviv, Israel. This one-of-a-kind event pairs injured veterans with engineers, physical therapists, psychologists, and other professionals for an intensive 3-day Makathon. Each team will develop an innovative approach that substantially improves the life of their veteran team member.

Whereas mainstream approaches ask veterans to adapt to existing products, Makers For Heroes builds each solution from the veteran up. At Challenge America, everything begins with the needs of our veterans.

But wait, there's more . . .

Every solution and every device created during a Makers For Heroes event is made available to every veteran everywhere. That's right! Makers For Heroes publishes the output from every team on an open-source platform. Unlike for-profit businesses, our primary objective is to improve lives, not make money. Sharing and collaboration are simply in our DNA. We simply want to connect veterans to the very best resources available and, if possible, to  improve the lives of every injured veteran in the country.


join the revolution! 

Be audacious! Join us in disrupting the way injured veterans receive care. Join us in restoring hope to the heroes who sacrificed so much on our behalf.

Be part of something big! With your donation, you get in on the ground floor of this exciting initiative, nay movement!


meet the u.s. teams

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Team Zarita

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Team Assaf

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Team Jeff

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Team Pax