About the Initiative


It all started with...

a pledge. Not the pledge of allegiance mind you but a pledge made by women of the military for women of the military. 

It's a simple yet elegant idea: to forge a national network of sisters from a commitment to mutual respect, support, and military sisterhood. In effect, it's a network built on the tried and true military concept of having your sister's "six". 

From this starting point we set out to build the physical and virtual spaces where military sisters can find support. But more than this, it is our goal to give voice to the collective strength of this sisterhood, to educate, to advocate, and, when necessary, to irritate those who might stand in the way of the reforms needed to ensure these brave women have the capabilities and opportunities they need to live productive, dignified lives.  

Put simply, the Military Sisterhood Initiative provides the occasion for military sisters to empower and heal one another. Once healed, it provides the opportunity for women of the military to fight for improvements in the conditions that structure their lives and the lives of their military sisters. 

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Join the movement

Launched through a partnership between Challenge America and WINC for All Women Veterans, the Military Sisterhood Initiative aspires to connect and empower every military sister in the country, in and out of uniform.

Support your sisters. Heal yourself. Take the pledge today!