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Program Dates:

Session 1: November 9: 9am - 2pm
Session 2: November 16: 9am - 12pm

What You Get:

  • Nearly 8 hours of FREE career counseling services
  • An hour of FREE individual coaching
  • ZERO application cost
  • FREE Babysitting service during the workshop
  • Snacks provided for FREE
  • FREE Career workshop (including the following)
    • Self-Exploration: Participants will take easy career assessments and participate in the Career Lifeline exercise which will help them learn more about their strengths, passions and skills. 
    • Educational and Career Research: Participants will explore potential careers and educational programs based on their strengths, skills and passions. 
    • Informational Interviewing Skills: Participants will learn and practice basic informational interviewing skills to help them gain information on potential careers and to tap the hidden job market. 
    • Road Map: Participants will create a road map of next steps including reaching out to professionals in fields of interest. 
    • Job Search Strategies: Participants will learn a variety of job search strategies and resources to help them find employment
    • Job Interview Skills: Participants will learn basic job interview skill

You will not be sold anything. This service is 100% FREE to military spouses.

To help ensure the program is a success, we simply ask that all applicants agree to the following terms:

If you are the spouse of an active duty service member or veteran and you are unemployed or underemployed, you’re not alone.

According to a recent report from the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University, the unemployment rate for military spouses is 3 times higher than their civilian counterparts. Of those spouses who work, one-third report they are underemployed based on their educational background. To make matters worse, employed active duty military spouses earn roughly 38% less than their civilian counterparts.  

At Challenge America, we believe the issue of military spouse employment has been ignored for far too long. Based on previous research, we know that 9 out of 10 military spouses want to work yet are either unemployed or underemployed. To address this issue, this fall we are partnering with Project Sanctuary to launch a new initiative to give military spouses the tools they need to secure a satisfying career that fits their work-life balance. 

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Program Location:
Bill Daniels Veteran Services Center
1247 Santa Fe Drive
Denver, CO 80205

Contact Dallas Blaney
(970) 279-1323