Michael and Stephanie

Michael and Stephanie


Michael and Stephanie lead the Marketing and Business Development team for Challenge America.

Prior to joining Challenge America, the Huxleys worked in the film and television world for nearly 25 years, with 15 of those years spent running their own production company, Brave World Productions.

Originally from Chicago, the couple have worked as producers/directors and cinematographers, on feature films, broadcast television series for a wide variety of networks, as well as producing content for a long list of prestigious corporate clients. Previous to leaving Chicago, Michael served as a producer on the feature film, Home of the Giants, starring Haley Joel Osment in his role as Head of Motion Picture Development for Resolution Studios.

In Colorado, The Huxleys chose to focus their work on providing high end production solutions to nonprofits, including Children’s Hospital and Boys and Girls Clubs of America, where the work they produced, “made a real difference and created funding support that changes lives and creates opportunities for those in need.” Michael and Stephanie find that serving nonprofits is endlessly more rewarding than the work they performed for traditional clients in the for-profit world. According to Michael, “When the work we produce can celebrate success over adversity or aid in funding efforts where media is essential, the rewards we receive personally outweigh any experience we have known.”

We are thrilled and humbled to have sales and marketing professionals of their caliber on the Challenge America team. We have little doubt you will find their personalities and passion for the mission as infectious and inspiring as we do.

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