What We Do

At Challenge America - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - we have made it our mission to connect service members, veterans and their families to resources and solutions that build community and give purpose to their lives. From the beginning, we set out to challenge the status quo by designing and scaling innovative, evidence-based solutions to the needs of the military community - no matter where they live. By leveraging technology, creative arts and community solidarity, we are challenging America to think differently about how we serve our military.

How are we thinking differently?

We are building community through everything that we do. Our Military Sisterhood Initiative, for example, is forging a national peer support network for women of the military. A collaboration with WINC: For All Women Veterans, this initiative provides a safe space where more than 2 million military sisters can connect and support one another. 

We are leveraging technology and innovation to connect military members to critical resources. Challenge America Makers for Veterans (CAMVETS) builds teams of designers, developers and engineers around a specific need of an injured veteran, all working together to create innovative, life-changing solutions. We then leverage strategic partnerships to develop and scale these solutions in order to make them accessible to thousands of veterans and other facing similar challenges.

We believe in healing through the arts. We design unique Music Therapy Retreats that help veterans struggling with PTSD to cope with the trauma of their military experience. We also host a National Exhibit of Veteran Art to encourage veteran artists from a variety of media to continue their craft while also generating public awareness of and support for the military healing arts.

Ultimately, we believe that community not charity is the answer. Working together, we can ensure that all veterans, service members and their families have access to the community support and integrated resources they need to live the lives they earned and deserve.

Now is the time. The challenges are great, but the possibilities are greater. 

Thank you for accepting the challenge! 

Our History

Challenge America™ is an outgrowth of Challenge Aspen, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that has provided possibilities for people with disabilities since 1995. Responding to the increasing number of wounded and injured service men and women returning from Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, in 2005 Challenge Aspen launched a number of veteran-specific programs. As these programs developed, research revealed the lack of coordination of resources and information between organizations serving military across the country, making it difficult for service members and their families to locate the services needed for a successful transition from battlefield to home front. Recognizing that gap and the need for coordination of resources and information on both a national and community level, the idea of "challenging America" to find ways to connect military and their families with the resources needed to establish a "new normal" life was born.

The Challenge America initiative launched in 2009 at a star-studded musical event led by honorary co-founders Amy Grant and Vince Gill. Other celebrities who have joined Amy and Vince in supporting Challenge America's mission include Fred Funk, Alison Kraus, Michael McDonald, Darius Rucker, Mac McAnalley, Melinda Doolittle, Stephen Mansfield, Warren Miller, Robert Redford, Dennis Watson, Loren Roberts, and Bernhard Langer. In addition, Challenge America has been highlighted on national media, including NBC's Today Show and Hulu.com.

How We’re Funded

Challenge America is primarily funded through the generous support of donors who make an optional donation to support our operations. Challenge America also receives contributions from a number of generous individuals, corporations and foundations.

Our Values

  • We believe in empowering our community

  • We believe in transparency and accountability

  • We believe in the value of public service

  • We believe in the power of innovation

  • We believe that the simplest solution is always best

  • We believe that humor is a key to success