The arts offer service members, veterans, and their families a proven and effective means of reconnecting with their communities.

Recent studies of art therapy programs for military veterans typically find strong empirical support for their efficacy, with many highlighting the positive benefits these programs offer in terms of increase comfort levels, decreased stress, and socialization. Given these benefits, it is no wonder that the number of art therapy programs nationwide is on the rise, providing the military community greater access to the healing arts than at any point in history. More surprising is the fact that this recent growth in to art therapy programs has not coincided with an increase in veteran art exhibition.

At Challenge America, we are working with veteran artists across the country to create meaningful opportunities to display their work in a public setting. Exhibitions discover and nurture talent, offering aspiring veteran artists the opportunity to communicate their experiences, the inspiration to continue their work, and, maybe, sell their art.  Veteran art exhibits are important because they function as the portal through which veteran artists connect to the larger world, delivering important services to veterans as well as society as a whole.

At Challenge America, we're working to expand veteran art exhibit opportunities nationwide. Our art exhibit template offers local organizers a tested and simplified process for organizing an exhibit in their local community. In 2018, we're planning to support this model with free online tutorials that guide organizers through every aspect of the process, from fundraising, through the call for submissions, through marketing and administration.

Your support can bring these goals to life! Every exhibit opening, every artwork displayed, every veteran inspired, begins with you. Please donate today and give veteran artists the opportunities they need to continue their crafts.


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