NE Ohioans collaborate to envision, build solutions for disabled vets

CLEVELAND, Ohio — A team of three men and one woman quietly watched as Brett Clingan and his wife Margie struggled to move the Army veteran, who has lost use of his legs, from his wheelchair to a bright orange handcycle. 

Margie shifted Brett's limp legs to one side as he deliberately dropped to his knees, then twisted awkwardly onto the cycle’s seat.

No one lent a hand. 

“You aren’t kidding that’s a pain,” said team leader Logan White, who was joined by fellow Invacare Corporation workers Jeremy Culmer, Nathan Kolli and Shan Blake. 

 Clingan has faced great difficulty getting around every day for the eight years, since a degenerative genetic disease took away the ability to walk from a man who once ran every morning.

Dallas BlaneyComment