Researchers at local innovators event designing, creating new devices to assist veterans

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- An innovators event Friday in Lakewood was designed to help improve the lives of badly injured veterans.

The program's inventions help severely injured U.S. and international veterans gain more independence in their daily lives.

The veterans receiving help said the work of the inventors gives them hope for a better everyday life.

One of the people who attended was a military and anti-terrorism veteran who suffered a severe injury that makes it almost impossible for him to use his hands.  Israeli Uzi Patzinich suffered severe damage to nerves in his neck and arms while on a mission in Israel.  It resulted in stiff and clenched hands that don't allow him to do everyday activities like opening a bottle of pop.

Friday, volunteers from the group called Challenge America put on the event to help veterans like Patzinich.

Dallas BlaneyComment