Challenge: Getting up from and down to floor to play with his baby

Chris and his wife are awaiting their first child and he wants a device that will allow him to get down on the floor to play with his baby.

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Chris served in the Army for 7 years, from 2003-2010, as an 88M Motor Transport Operator with 3 deployments. On his third deployment in Kandahar, his truck rolled over an IED and he was blown out of the turret approximately 20 yards. The compression from the blast and subsequent hard landing caused nerve damage to his spine primarily affecting his left side.

As a result, he has limited mobility and struggles with pain management. He is looking for a solution to help him to move between a sitting and standing position from the floor.

“The challenge is important to me for multiple reasons, most of all because my wife is due in July with our first child. I want to be able to be active in my child’s life, to be able to get down on the floor and play with my baby. The thought of having to play spectator to my child's childhood is the motivation to take advantage of any opportunity that may improve my mobility.

I’m hoping that through this program not only that we are able to develop something that helps but also that I am able to learn more about things I can do on my own. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity the program presents.”