Challenge: Using his devices so that he can go back to school

Todd is a bilateral hand amputee and he is looking for a solution to be able to easily use his computer and phone so that he can start to pursue his goal of going back to school.

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Todd served in the Army from 1987 to 1993. Last January, he lost his fingers to frostbite after having what he called a “PTSD day” that led him out in the snow for over 11 hours. Having been faced with the two choices of death and losing his fingers, he is incredibly grateful that he went with the latter.

He is now motivated to turn over a new leaf and really wants to go back to school. To do so, he’ll need to be able to use his phone and computer more effectively. He currently uses Dragon Speak, but it’s not working for him, so he hasn’t checked his email in over a year. He needs an alternative solution.