Challenge: Hand relaxing gloves

Veteran of the Israeli Counter Terror Unit, Uzi is looking for a glove to provide pain relief and relaxation in his hands while he sleeps.

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Uzi joined the Israeli Counter Terror unit YAMAM in 1990, where he participated in thousands of counter terror operations that saved untold numbers of civilian lives in Israel. He received a Medal of Valor for an operation during which he neutralized a terrorist by stopping the blast with his body. Uzi suffered grievous injuries including loosing his left foot. 

Later, Uzi suffered a spinal cord injury from a motorcycle accident, which causes Spasticity in the hands and arms that creates continuous contraction in the muscles. This contraction causes muscle stiffness and interferes with his movement, speech and gait. As a result, he has limited use of his hands. He is looking for a glove that could prevent the contraction and clenching in his hands, especially while he sleeps.