Alicia Borja

Alicia Borja


My first submission is titled "Calling Home."  It's based on a personal experience of mine while stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan. It illustrates the disconnect between what we experience when deployed and the world we left at home. So much doesn't get said and we never know when our time may be up.

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My history with art started at a young age. My mother is an artist and my father likes to tinker and invent things.  They both encouraged my love of art.  I would pose for my mother's art classes and then be allowed to paint after the sessions were done.  However, I'm more drawn to writing. I've journaled throughout my entire life and my poetry has been featured by @herheartpoetry on instagram. I'm putting together a book of my poetry and philosophies now. I often use my writings when participating in spoken word events to help connect people with similar experiences.   


I often say, "once it's written, it's released."  Writing is my therapy and has helped me process and move through some very dark moments in my life. I sometimes suffer from the lingering effects of PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Writing helps me keep my sanity.