Challenge America Music therapy: Healing veterans through music

Challenge America Music Opportunities equips veterans with the tools they need to cope with the trauma of their military experience. Designed specifically for veterans who struggle with post-traumatic stress and/or traumatic brain injury, each participant receives three days of expert-led music therapy, a high quality acoustic guitar, and access to our exclusive online networking tools as well as our growing library of free video tutorials on guitar, songwriting, and mindfulness. We provide these services to veterans for free. This is just one of the ways Challenge America works to realize its vision that all service members, veterans and their families have access to the resources they need to live productive, dignified lives.


Nashville Retreat

Witness the healing power of music therapy for yourself with the short but moving video from our Nashville retreat.

Mack Bailey, Music therapist

Join Mack as he describes our innovative approach to music therapy and the benefits it delivers for veterans and their families


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Cleveland Retreat

Listen as Jeff recounts his experiences during our music therapy retreat in Cleveland and the healing he continues to experience through music.


Give a Veteran the Healing Gift of Music

Consider donating a guitar to a veteran with post-traumatic stress and making a direct and lasting impact on their life.