Healthcare Providers - Challenge Submissions

The Challenge America: Makers For Veterans program enlists the talents of healthcare professionals, engineers, designers and others to develop technological solutions to the unmet needs of injured Veterans.

Your expertise and experience working with Veterans every day are immensely valuable to this mission.

You can help us by: 

1. Identifying an unmet need that affects Veterans that you work with and  
2. Recommending a Veteran who has that need and could participate in the program to provide input for finding a solution. 


2. Refer a Veteran participant:
Recommend a Veteran who could represent this need in the next CAMVETS program by either 
  • Having them fill out the application form found at 
- or - 
  • Contacting VA Patient Experience and Health Systems Specialist, Danielle Krakora, at /  216-791-3800 ext 4166