Kristy Kaburopulos

Kristy Kaburopulos


Title: Resilience 

Resilience is made from steel as an expression of inner strength.  I chose to use ivy because it is a plant of high resilience, it can grow in almost any conditions.  Whether it is basking in the rays of the sun or hiding in the shadows it will flourish, it will continue to climb to new heights no matter what lies in its way.  The piece is meant to convey the idea that no matter how much hurt we may carry from our experiences we have the choice to focus on our growth.  We may never forget the pain but we can still continue to flourish in this life.

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I changed my major in college from Psychology to Fine Arts in 2011. Since then I have recieved an Associates Degree in Visual Arts in 2013 and another Associates Degree in Photography in 2015 from Anne Arundel Community College. My work has been in numerous juried exhibitions at AACC.  I was selected to represent the sculpture department two times in the Women of the Arts show for women's history month. My work was one of five selected out of numerous submissions to be a representative of AACC in the 28th League for Innovation, an international Student Art Competition of which was chosen to be published in their yearly book.  I am currently designing a website for my work and working on numerous commission pieces.

Coping through Art

In art I have found a way to cope with the struggles of my military experience.  Rather than focusing on the end result I am driven by exploration through the process of creating. Creating is the way I bring my unconscious mind to fruition.  In the same way a single smile has the power to change the course of someone's day, my intent for the viewer and myself is to bring thoughts and feelings of affinity and harmony to the surface in an attempt to let go of the struggle and discord of our experiences.

This piece is for sale directly from the artist Price $5,000.00