Maria Salazar

Maria Salazar


I wanted to honor all the sacrifices of the fallen veterans and unified all the military branches. We all have different uniforms, but we all wear combat boots, and we've all walked the same journeys. So I feel the anyone can connect to the emotions transpired in these boots. 

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I have been drawing and painting since I was ten. Art has always been instinctively therapeutic to me. I have a certificate in Visual Communications, and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Art Therapy at Long Island University. I was one of the 10 honorable mentions for the Women Veterans Art Exhibit presented by VAP and the VA. In January of this year, I was introduced to ceramics, and I'm completely enamored with this medium. The possibility of creating anything out of nothing excites me!

Coping through Art

Art has been my go to self-healing mechanism since an early age helping me to cope with immigrating from Peru at twelve years old. Even during my deployment in OIF '03 (served in the Marine Corps from '02-'11, Honorably Discharged as an E5) I carried my sketchbook with me and "escaped" on downtimes. Once back in the rear, Art was the only medicine to heal my broken pieces. I feel that because I have been in dark places and have brought myself back to the light, I know first hand that Art heals, so now my main mission is to complete my masters in Art therapy and Counseling, and my goal is to work with veterans with PTSD, MST, TBI etc and their families. 

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