Jeff Kimble, Strategic Technologist

Jeff Kimble, Strategic Technologist


Jeff is a technological innovator, leader, and strategist passionately motivated to move the world forward with technology.  As a leader and manager, he has experience building high-performance teams by setting vision and cultivating a sense of mission, then mentoring his team to execute against it.  During his time at consultancies including Magnet 360 (a Mindtree company), Deloitte Digital, and NTT Data, he has combined his passion for technology with his personal mission for public service to transform government and improve the lives of citizens for local, city, and state agencies in six states and across 16 agencies alone.  Beyond the public sector, he has helped improve the lives and capabilities of global industry for Fortune 1000 firms.

Jeff combines his business acumen with technical depth to develop and lead a team that can communicate across complex business and IT relationships, competing goals, and technical capability.  He specializes in cloud architecture and platforms and has knowledge on everything from emerging technologies such as blockchain and machine learning to basic automation. He has experience and understanding of myriad methodologies relevant or becoming relevant to the world today such as user-centered design, agile software development, and omnichannel user experience.  Finally, he has provided strategic guidance and tactical execution of high-level ‘art of the possible’ vision to basic data management and simple system setup.

Prior to his career in IT consulting, Jeff was an active duty soldier stationed at Arlington National Cemetery in the 3rd US Infantry Division, “The Old Guard”.  Like too many veterans, he stumbled a bit with the transition back to civilian life. Having lived it first-hand, he became an active member in the public sector, academic, and veteran communities in Denver, CO to help advise those with the passion but limited direction.  Before long, Jeff found himself engaged in the community as a mentor for University of Denver’s “Startup Weekend” in their Emerging Digital Practices Master’s Program, a participant in Go Code Colorado (a state-sponsored hackathon), participant in Deloitte Digital’s veterans programs, and personal mentor to many others, including returning veterans.  He enjoyed the community involvement but struggled with calling Denver “home”.

After about 15 years away, Jeff decided to return home.  In June 2017, Jeff moved to Westlake, OH -- neighbor to his hometown of Bay Village -- and is actively trying to find inroads to the local and veteran communities.  His participation in the Veterans Experience Action Center event on August 12 fueled his desire to pursue an appointment to the board of directors.

In sum, Jeff has made a career out of finding innovative ways to solve complex problems using technology.  Beyond his professional scope, he is personally driven to improve the lives of others in his community. He brings proven thought leadership, has experience identifying future trends as well as their needs and how to meet them, and has a deeply-rooted passion for helping others, his community, and -- most importantly -- veterans.

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