Andrew DeJesse

Andrew DeJesse


The painting "Wallow Fight" comes from a battle scene. The blowing clouds represent the rising blooms of white phosphorus artillery rounds from a 'call for fire' mission. It's a blend from a fire fight in Afghanistan and the view of cavalry scouts looking through tall grass during the famous Buffalo Wallow Fight of the Red River War. (Oil on panel, 31 1/2 X 22 1/4 inches)

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I graduated from University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA in 1993 with a BFA in Illustration. I worked as a freelance illustrator and as an in-house art director in pharmaceutical advertising in NJ, PA, and NYC. After moving to Texas, I started my expressive art career with a focus on the Great Plains' heritage and expressing outliers in terms of 21st Century Regionalism and modern Social Realism. My work has shown in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. Over the last 15 years, I have participated in numerous solo and group exhibits.

Coping through Art

I have deployed once to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. In the military, I currently serve as a Civil Affairs Officer with the specialty function as a Cultural Heritage Preservation Officer (formerly known as Monuments Men). My military assignments have been to work with local populaces on education, infrastructure, governance, and cultural heritage projects.
My art reflects on the people I served with and local Iraqis or Afghans that I worked alongside. My works are never direct representations of battle scenes. Instead I paint the two worlds that combat veterans occupy… reflections of home or of being overseas.
Since returning from my last deployment, I have been able to conduct an art collaboration with artists from Kabul, Afghanistan. The show was entitled, “Art Transcending Conflict” and it was exhibited in Amarillo, TX.

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