Jennifer Brande

Jennifer Brande


This submission is a black-and-white that I call "Quiet Reflection." It is a picture of a tour guide at an insane asylum that is no longer in operation, standing in quiet reflection in one of the old living quarters. To me this represents the stark realities of the military. This reminds me of basic training, and the nurse standing there looking out towards the sun shows the path to a hopeful future.

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 When I was in the Army, one of my jobs was Public Affairs Non-Commissioned Officer.  My background from that job gave me a basis in photography, as I was a print journalist. I furthered my career after I was medically retired from the Army and I got my degree in photography and film. Since then I have used photography, video and other areas to be my own version of art therapy. 

Coping through Art

Being assigned to a WTU was very important to me because I was around nurses and doctors and seeing how I didn't have an outlet for expressing how I felt about all of the circumstances that were out of my control. I made my own therapy on my own through photos and video.


This piece is for sale directly from the artist Price $500.00