Marc Mest

Marc Mest


This is the view from my window when I am laid up in bed. I call it the marsh, and it is the wetlands behind my house.

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I have a very limited academic art background beyond the basics of public school and a few summer art classes. In high school I bought the book "The Natural Way to Draw", and I never actually finished the entire book. I got hooked on the concept of gesture in drawing and in connecting with the subject.

Coping through Art

Thirty years ago when I was 19, I was injured in a parachute jump. Since then my brain and motor functions have never connected.  Beyond that is the pure physical pain that never subsides, and then there is the mental aspect of it all, it was a trauma. I have found that physical limitations can improve with determination and hard work like exercise and physical therapy. 

Art as therapy has been a very recent addition to my life--within the last 5 years or so.  It started as a suggestion from my VA therapist, as a way to deal with the mental issues of my injury. The point was simply to practice mindfulness and enjoy the process of simply doing the art.

While I never seem to get lost in the moment, something more significant occurred--I was productive at something. I can project my physical pain through my fingers into the activity of drawing and painting, and it helped significantly with coordination. My brain is not always spinning, and I can talk to people with coherent sentences.  Art has balanced me. 

Being productive at something is massive for me.  I actually have never shown my art until 2 weeks ago. My therapist and family have seen it before this, but that is it.

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