Keira Havens

Keira Havens


Self-Portrait is what I painted when I asked myself: What do I look like now, after I have come apart completely? Those are my hands, piecing back together bits of skull, protecting the vibrant colors that live inside and marking the lines of brokenness with gold enamel in the style of kintsugi.

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My art career is very short: it began in Sept of 2016. This is my first run at sharing my art publicly, and I'm very much in the process of finding my voice. Right now I am preoccupied with the beauty of endings.

Coping through Art

When I left the Air Force, I left behind a huge part of my identity and never fully addressed that loss. Painting is a part of reclaiming my identity--it helps me discover who I am today and navigate these losses.

Reproductions and commissioned work available upon request.