Tyler Lenn

Tyler Lenn


his piece was an attempt to learn how to paint water, waves, and reflections on them and to utilize color theory.  I did not do so well but wanted to continue experimenting with colors and manipulating the paint to create the sun, the sky, and the colors in the water.  

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I have been in the Navy for ten years. I grew up drawing and creating other two dimensional visual art. I reconnected with art via art therapy at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence at Walter Reed in 2015 and have continued to practice and grow as an artist, specifically drawing and painting.  


Art has helped me feel more human and less like the freak I feel we are considered with the stigmas cast upon us as veterans. Art also reminded me that I can do something productive and meaningful with my time other than work out, shoot, and other things solely to train for war. It is also something I have been able to do no matter how hindered I am by my injuries and illnesses.