Maureen Stewart

Maureen Stewart


The ocean, the sea, has always been important to me. I remember sitting on the shoreline, eyes closed, just listening to the crashing of the waves and focusing only on breathing it all in.
This piece began as a sketch, pencil to paper, and was then digitized in Illustrator and colorized in Photoshop. 

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While serving in the Air Force as a combat cameraman, Maureen took the opportunity to pursue a degree in Digital Art to supplement her skills as a videographer.
She soon found that she had a love for art and design and chose to pursue it as a career instead of a hobby.
Her day job consists mostly of 2D layout and design work, but she also paints, mosaics, draws and just arts for fun whenever possible. 

Coping through Art

I feel like art is an expression of who I am. I'm able to show some individuality that I couldn't (as easily) show while in uniform. It can be a very real, very intimate portrait of who I am. It's completely separate from the Air Force me which is something I really appreciate...often I feel that there's the perception that Veteran art has to be military looking or very obviously visually related to the military, but it doesn't have to be. It's a different part of me, and that expression is a release from the military me. The mom me. The wife me. It's just ME. 

Original signed canvas available Price $200.00

Reproductions and commissioned pieces available upon inquiry.