Maureen Stewart

Maureen Stewart


She releases all stress, all hurt, all pain through movement. She allows herself to be free to the power that her body holds. She let's go.
And she rose.
This was created digitally in Illustrator and colorized in Photoshop. 

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While serving in the Air Force as a combat cameraman, Maureen took the opportunity to pursue a degree in Digital Art to supplement her skills as a videographer.
She soon found that she had a love for art and design and chose to pursue it as a career instead of a hobby.
Her day job consists mostly of 2D layout and design work, but she also paints, mosaics, draws and just arts for fun whenever possible. 

Coping through Art

I feel like art is an expression of who I am. I'm able to show some individuality that I couldn't (as easily) show while in uniform. It can be a very real, very intimate portrait of who I am. It's completely separate from the Air Force me which is something I really appreciate...often I feel that there's the perception that Veteran art has to be military looking or very obviously visually related to the military, but it doesn't have to be. It's a different part of me, and that expression is a release from the military me. The mom me. The wife me. It's just ME. 

Original signed canvas available Price $200.00

Reproductions and commissioned pieces available upon inquiry.