Phyllis Miller

Phyllis Miller


My name is Phyllis Miller. It gives me great honor to present two paintings from my Patriotic Art series, "The Price of Freedom,” a tribute to those of valor and to those who are among us with the nightmares of wars of past and present, for the price of freedom.

Phyllis is selling signed reproduction museum quality canvas wrap 


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Over 25 years of experience of fine art, medical illustration, drafting, curatorial arrangement and art exhibition, to business consulting within the interior design and humanitarian art endeavors, to empower veterans through art. Creator and founder of "The Veterans Art Venue" and creator of Meroegallery since 2007.

Coping through Art

Through art, I speak in images of thought and reflection. During my military career , I encountered fellow service men and women, returning from battle who were frustrated and depressed over issues they were unable to speak of. I myself, who enjoyed my military duty, almost became a victim of rape, but, due to my proficiency in the martial arts, I was able to defeat my would be attackers. Painting, illustration, etc, has kept me grounded and balanced as a sense of peace and calm within my own mental health, to proceed on with my life. I took art on for others to offer a passageway for internal healing within the realm of PTSD and related ills of war and after. 

This piece is for sale directly from the artist Prices vary: 

18X24 Unframed $525.00

18X24 Framed $675.00

36X48 Unframed $675.00

36X48 Framed $975.00

18X24 Mounted backing $550.00

36X48 Mounted backing $850.00