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making innovative solutions to the unmet challenges of our nation's heroes.


it starts with the needs of one veteran...

Whereas mainstream approaches ask veterans to adapt to existing products, CAMVETS builds each solution from the veteran up. At Challenge America, everything begins with the needs of our veterans (or Challenge Knowers), empowering them to tell us what they need and then to be a part of making the solution.

Next we put the experts to work (or Solution Makers), side-by-side with the Challenge Knowers, during a 3-day intensive make-a-thon (a making marathon!) to create innovative solutions that directly address the need at hand. We seek solutions that make dramatic improvements in the daily lives of our participants and their loved ones.

to impact the lives of thousands.

Following each event, we leverage our strategic partnerships to develop and scale the solutions into products and services that will meet the needs of other veterans facing similar challenges.

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Next Spring, 2019 we're bringing CAMVETS to Cleveland, OH to host our first make-a-thon events, featuring 6-8 Challenge Teams and exciting new partnerships to develop and disseminate the solutions to hundreds more!

join us! 

Call for Veteran applicants! If you or someone you know is a Veteran in the Cleveland area with a service-connected disability, CLICK HERE to learn how to submit a challenge that could become the focus of a team of experts during the make-a-thon.

Be part of something big! We’re also looking for CAMVETS Partner Organizations, Team Mentors, Solution Makers, and Event Volunteers. Click the link below to fill out our Participant Interest Form and we’ll contact you with registration details and program updates.


Consider making a donation to this exciting initiative and join us in restoring hope to the heroes who sacrificed so much on our behalf.


It all started with makers for heroes

CAMVETS grew out of our partnership with Israeli nonprofit, Restart, on their flagship program called Makers For Heroes. Challenge America led the U.S. delegation to the 2018 Makers For Heroes in Tel Aviv, Israel and witnessed the miraculous solutions and transformative experience that came out of it for our veterans and everyone involved. We were so inspired that we decided right then and there that we needed to bring it back to the U.S. And so CAMVETS was born. 

Learn about some of the miracles that took place in Israel during Makers For Heroes


Team Zarita

Team Assaf

Team Jeff

Team Pax