4 New Initiatives For The Military Community And Other News

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If you run a national nonprofit organization, how do you reach the individuals and organizations you want to serve? Online marketing offers one possible solution. However, given the dramatic growth in online content, an organization has to produce a professional website if it hopes to compete and succeed in this virtual space.  These days you need an attractive site with responsive web design that is carefully calibrated for search engine optimization. 

Of course, we have no idea how to do these things, so we reached out to the professionals at Fix8media for help. Within two short months, Josh, Tina, and the gang at Fix8 walked us through the mostly painless process of developing a brand new site from scratch. This process forced us to do a bit of soul-searching along the way, the result of which is a suite of new initiatives that allow us to leverage our sparkly new site to more effectively support the military community we want to serve. 

We hope you will be pleased with the results. When you have a spare moment, please navigate to the site and give us your feedback. While we always love to hear accolades for a job well done, we also welcome any constructive criticism you are willing to share. We thank you in advance for taking a peek and we hope you will share our site with the non-profits and military families in your community.

To visit our website simply copy and paste this URL into your browser: www.challengeamerica.com


New Initiatives

Did you know there are more than 42,000 veteran-related non-profits? Did you also know that these non-profits make up roughly 3% of the non-profit sector and their revenues have remained relatively constant since 2001?  At a time when demands for veteran services are at an all-time high, many veteran-related nonprofits have been struggling to survive. 

At Challenge America, we work to connect military members, veterans, and their families to resources in their local communities. Among other things, this means we help create resources when and where they are needed. It also means we try to enhance the resilience of existing veteran-related non-profits. 

Along with the launch of our new website, we are pleased to announce a suite of new initiatives to support local veteran-related nonprofits. Foremost among these is a new fundraising initiative, which guarantees 100% of all donations flow to the cause or project of a donor’s choosing. Partner organizations can take advantage of this program at no cost and with very few strings attached. This initiative is intended to relieve the heavy fundraising burdens that often tax the limited resources of smalllocal organizations while also providing a hand up to the military communities they serve. 

In addition to this fundraising initiative, Challenge America also launched a website development initiative as well as a new military spouse career initiative. Our website development program offers free basic website development to partner organizations, so that they too can more effectively connect to and communicate with the military communities they serve. Our military spouse career services offer free aptitude tests and career counseling services to unemployed or underemployed spouses of active duty, reserve, or separated military members. Nine out of ten military spouses want a job yet are unemployed or underemployed. Through our initiative, we hope to connect military spouses with career opportunities that align with their work-life balance. 

Golf Classic

Join us for a day at the beautiful Foundry Golf Club and support Challenge America as well as local veteran-related non-profits. Threesomes will team up with one wounded vet, active duty or retired military personnel. Robert Wrenn, Rich Beem and Todd Anderson will be on hand to lead a golf clinic before the tournament. 

The tournament includes the golf clinic, buffet lunch, cart, caddy, snacks, drinks and the post-tournament reception. Visit our registration website to sign up: https://challenge-america-golf-classic.eveyevents.com/

Coming Soon . . .

Although they are still under development, look for additional new initiatives over the coming months. At the moment we are hard at work developing the curriculum for Challenge America Academy, with online courses custom designed forveteran-related services. Built and taught by academics and non-profit professionals, Challenge America courses offer cutting edge instruction for intrepid entrepreneurs interested in launching a veteran-related non-profit in their local community as well as established non-profit managers who are interested in improving the performance of an existing organization. 

Keep your eyes open as well for news of the latest iteration of our resource tool. The team at Warrior Gateway has been busy these last few months developing an entirely new version of this acclaimed resource tool. Unfortunately, the latest version became too unstable and had to be shut down. However, I am told the features currently in development will make this tool more powerful than ever.  



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