Veteran Entrepreneurship Conference

The team at Challenge America is excited to announce its plans to attend the VETCON Conference in Redwood City, CA - the heart of Silicon Valley - March 23-25. 

VETCON is a conference built by veteran entrepreneurs for veteran entrepreneurs as well as veterans who want to launch their own businesses. 

Attendees will network with executives from several major Silicon Valley firms, including Bunker Labs, Hubspot, and Salesforce. They will also learn game-changing insights on topics ranging from product testing and validation to outsourcing to attracting and securing capital. 

Challenge America is collaborating with the amazing team at VETCON to share this incredible experience with the larger military community. We will interview presenters and participants, provide summaries of the advice offered in breakout sessions, and give you our insights on the lobby talk. 

If you are a veteran entrepreneur or aspire to start your own business, we strongly encourage you to make the investment in your business and your future by attending VETCON. As an added incentive, the team at VETCON created the exclusive promo code “Challange” that will give you a 20% discount on your ticket. 

To learn more and sign up, please select the following link:

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