Artist Spotlight: Andrew DeJesse

Hunter's Window

Hunter's Window

For week two of our Artist Spotlight series, we bring you the work of Andrew DeJesse. Andrew served one tour in Iraq, and two tours in Afghanistan. During these tours, Andrew worked with local populaces on education, infrastructure, governance, and cultural heritage projects. Andrew now serves as a Civil Affairs Officer for the military here in the United States, specializing as a Cultural Heritage Preservation Officer. 

Andrew's art career began when he graduated in 1993 from University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Illustration. He worked as a freelance illustrator, and as an in-house art director in pharmaceutical advertising in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York City. When Andrew moved to Texas, where he currently resides, he started his expressive art career with a focus on the Great Plains heritage and expressing the lives of outliers in terms of 21st century regionalism and modern social realism. When Andrew expresses his history with the military through his art, he focuses on the two worlds that combat veterans occupy: “reflections of home, or of overseas.”

Two of Andrew’s paintings will be on display in the National Exhibit of Veteran Art from August 4th through the 31st at 415 E. Hyman Ave in Aspen, Colorado. On our online gallery that is currently in the works, three of Andrew’s pieces will be featured. For more information, please visit To check out more of Andrew’s work, please visit his website:

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