Thank You to the Bader Charitable Foundation & Bedell Guitars


The Robert + Toni Bader Charitable Foundation has awarded Challenge America with $20,000 to dedicate to our Music Therapy Program. First and foremost we’d like to thank the Foundation for their support, which will actively work to help empower military service members and veterans through music.

The donation will be given over the course of two years, and will help us expand our Music Therapy Retreat program to new cities, so we can reach even more military service members and veterans.

We’ve also been working with Bedell Guitars out of Bend, Ore. who are selling us guitars for this program at-cost, which has been tremendously impactful in our efforts to continue to grow our Music Therapy Retreats. 

"We understand that we can't cure PTSD, but what we can do is help our veterans, our  military personnel, and their families. We can help develop new coping skills— and these coping skills are the ones that can get you through the darkest nights, and can get you through the longest days..."

— Mack Bailey, Challenge America Music Therapist

With guitars available to us for just $200 through Bedell's generosity, and through the Bader Charitable Foundation's underwriting, you can help to make our veterans and military personnel's lives better. Even $5 will help to take this program above and beyond!