"Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas" to Feature Challenge America's 2018 Nashville Veteran Music Therapy Retreat

Amy Grant performs during Challenge America’s 2018 Nashville Veterans Music Therapy Retreat.

Amy Grant performs during Challenge America’s 2018 Nashville Veterans Music Therapy Retreat.

Tune into the Hallmark Channel this evening for the premier of "Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas" starring Challenge America's honorary co-founders Amy Grant and Vince Gill!

Recognizing the need to coordinate resources and information on both national and local levels, Amy Grant and Vince Gill envisioned a way to "challenge America" by connecting military and their families to the resources they need within their communities when transitioning from military back to civilian life. Amy and Vince launched Challenge America in 2009 by hosting a benefit concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.. Amy and Vince remain loyal and active supporters of Challenge America’s mission and activities.

Our Nashville Veterans Music Therapy Retreats are hosted on Amy and Vince's farm and provide veterans expert-led training in mindfulness, songwriting, and guitar playing - skills many veterans have used to more effectively cope with the trauma of their military experience. 

This past October, the Hallmark Channel filmed our Music Therapy Retreat and its final performances for this holiday special! 

Program Information
Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas
Hallmark Channel 
Premiers Monday, December 3, 2018 at 6 PM ET
Find you local Hallmark Channel here

At Challenge America - a 501(c)3 nonprofit - we have made it our mission to connect service members, veterans, and their families to resources and solutions that build community and give purpose to their lives. From the beginning, we set out to challenge the status quo by designing and scaling innovative, evidence-based solutions to the needs of the military community - no matter where they live. By leveraging technologycreative arts, and community solidarity, we are challenging America to think differently about how we serve our military.

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