Honoring Those Who Serve on Veterans Day

Veterans Day November 11, 2018.png

Every year on November 11, we take the time to recognize, honor, and thank the women and men who served in the United States Armed Forces.

There are a number of meaningful ways to honor and thank veterans and members of our military community. Here are a few.

  1. Attend a Veterans Day event in your area

  2. Fly an American flag

    Learn more about flag etiquette here.

  3. Volunteer with a local organization that supports veterans.

  4. If you see a veteran in a restaurant, pay for their meal

  5. Support veteran-owned businesses.

    Are you a veteran looking to start a business? The U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Veterans Business Development has resources including funding, business counseling, and entrepreneurship training.

  6. Do you own a business? Offer something free or discounted to veterans.

    Here is a list of businesses offering free items to veterans on Sunday, November 11 and Monday, November 12.

  7. Express your thanks in person to those in uniform.

  8. Wear a red poppy. “On Memorial Day and Veterans Day, millions of red crepe paper poppies—all handmade by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation—are distributed across the country in exchange for donations that go directly to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. American Legion Auxiliary

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